Metacreator and Savage Worlds (Bundle), v.3.8.6

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Metacreator: the universal RPG character generator application with the Savage Worlds game system template includes data from the Savage Worlds core book, 50 Fathoms, Evernight, Necessary Evil, and Tour of Darkness. Based on the 2004 Origins Awards Nominee and GenCon ENnie Award recipient game system Savage Worlds by Shane Lacy Hensley, this features both character and army creation. Now make your gaming even faster with Metacreator computing all your character, vehicle, troop, gear, and weapon combat costs automatically. Data includes all races, archetypes, NPCs, skills, edges, hindrances, gear and powers from Savage Worlds books. Create potions, invest powers in magic items and enhance items (support for creating items with the Alchemist, Arcane Artificer and Enchant Edges). Create your own setting data sheets, including new skills, Edges, Hindrances, powers, monsters, animals, races, NPCs, weapons, armor, vehicles, etc. Whole-life character management: track experience, level up your characters and record all choices made for leveling in the character history. Several forms of character sheets, HTML, and combat summary sheets are available as output.

All of the Metacreator customizable capability is included in this bundle.

System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP; 64MB RAM; 15MB free disk space; 200MHz+ CPU; 800x600 screen.

Written by Bruce Kvam