Metacreator and CORPS Template (Bundle), v.3.8.6

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Metacreator: the universal RPG character generator application with the CORPS game system template includes all data from the CORPS book and CORPS data from the More Guns! supplement by BTRC. Two forms of character sheets, HTML output for displaying characters on the web, and combat summary sheets are available as output. Skills and equipment are displayable by current skill tree and TL. Automatically handles aging rolls and Attribute and Skill experience awards. Customizable to add your own skills, ads, disads, equipment, etc.

All of the Metacreator customizable capability is included in this bundle.

System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP; 64MB RAM; 15MB free disk space; 200MHz+ CPU; 800x600 screen.

Written by Bruce Kvam