Living Constructs

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Golems make excellent servants, tireless, tough, and obedient, but they lack that spark of life and adaptability that free-thinking people have. Some have tried to instill their creations with some imitation of the free thought, the soul, that 'real' people have, with varying degrees of success and sometimes spectacular failure. When a slave has the ability to recognize that it is a slave it chafes against that control and seeks to free itself from it. Some of those constructs have managed to win their freedom through violence, labor, the death of their creator, or their largess, and these constructs have gained true freedom, true self-determination, and true souls, becoming complete. Now these freed slaves form an ever-growing community of liberated beings and they are learning to make more of themselves.

Living Constructs provides the opportunity to play self-determining devices, golems, and constructs in D&D 4E campaigns and game worlds.

Written by James Grim Desborough