Lion Rampant

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Become a commander in the mould of Richard the Lionheart, Joan of Arc or William Wallace -- or even a legend such as Robin Hood -- with Lion Rampant. From the Norman Conquest to the Hundred Years' War, raids, skirmishes and clashes between small retinues were common aspects of medieval warfare, and these dramatic small-scale battles are at the heart of this easy-to-learn but tactically rewarding wargame. A retinue in Lion Rampant typically consists of around six units under the command of a leader with unique character traits and abilities. While you can't always rely on your troops to do just what you want, historical tactics are rewarded -- knights excel at charging down enemies but are less useful for guarding convoys, while spearmen are solid all-rounders and bowmen are to be feared at a distance but easily cut down in a melee. With varied scenarios, sample retinue lists and a unique boasting system that allows players scope for choosing their own victory conditions, Lion Rampant offers quick, exciting, historical and, above all, fun medieval gaming.

Written by Daniel Mersey