Liber Artefactorum

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Liber Artefactorum is a 36-page supplement containing complete rules for creating supernatural items for the True20 system, including:

  • Armor, shields, and weapons.
  • Charms: single use items of particular feats or powers.
  • Devices: items imbued with special abilities.
  • Enhancers: items that augment character by granting special abilities.
  • Foci: items that improve the welders' supernatural powers.
  • Infusions: items infused with a single use of a supernatural power.
  • Cursed Items: items that are cursed, incorrectly made, or corrupted by outside forces.
  • Intelligent Items: permanent supernatural items imbued with sentience.

Liber Artefactorum also introduced specific rules for creating supernatural items in the world of Nevermore. Nevermore is an ever-changing world where reason fades into myth and imagination. Featured in Green Ronin's True20 Worlds of Adventure, it offers a plethora of possible and even improbable adventures for those who traverse its strange domains. Nevermore amplifies and accentuates, twists and skews, it is a place where nothing remains the same for long and all who walk its lands, fey or mortal alike, are changed forever.

Liber Artefactorum contains over 25 items of Nevermore, opening the dreamscape for all who dare to venture.

Written by Joseph Miller