Let's Kill

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  • Contents
    110 cards, rules

    Publisher Atlas Games
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    UPC / ISBN 1589780825
    Player Count 3 to 5+ players
    Play Time 30 minutes
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Second Edition

A bloody little game of stick figure mayhem

Have you ever had the urge to start beating some know-it-all who really deserved it, but were held back by those frustrating social boundaries? Ever wanted to go psycho on a bunch of bleached-blonde cheerleaders, or the pretentious beatnick at the corner coffee shop? Ever wanted to achieve fame through your horrifying actions? Let's Kill may help relieve that urge.

In Let's Kill you play a psychotic killer determined to kill as many people as possible in the most bizzare ways you can think of, using everything from sporks to weed whackers to industrial paper shredders, while gaining as much media coverage as you can. Let's Kill features distinctive stick figure art and gruesome humor, and is intended for mature audiences.

Designed by Aaron Pavao.