Legends of the Samurai: The Bushido Handbook

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Cover: Jeremy Simmons

Travel to a world of blood, loyalty, and honor with the second installment of RPGObjects' Legends line of d20 fantasy supplements. This d20 sourcebook features new classes and mechanics to bring the world of medieval Japan to life in your game and blends our popular spell point, nobility, fate, and martial rules to create an Oriental game experience like no other.

The Bushido Handbook is the first book in this exciting series. Combining elements from Legends of Excalibur and Blood and Fists, this supplement provides all the rules to create Oriental characters with a focus on honor and the martial arts.

Check out the Legends of Samurai homepage for more details on this series of supplements.


  • Chapter One: Blood and Honor
    • Bloodline
    • Reputation, Honor, and Allegiances
  • Chapter Two: Martial Classes
    • Ashigaru
    • Kuge
    • Ninja
    • Ronin
    • Samurai
    • Shokunin
    • Touzoku
    • Yamabushi
  • Chapter Three: The Martial Arts
    • Skills
    • General Feats
    • Martial Arts Feats
  • Chapter Four: Equipment
    • Armor
    • Weapons
    • Adventuring Gear

Written by Charles Rice