Lands of Nevermore: The Heartlands

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Lands of Nevermore: The Heartlands explores the ancient refuge of the fey and the birthplace of Nevermore. Once a sanctuary from the mortal world, the Land of Reverie is now a domain divided standing between the shadows of peace and chaos, justice and vengeance, good and evil.

In these 21 pages, learn more of the history that tore this land asunder and explore new locations within the Heartlands and the organizations that vie for control over this domain. Play new aspects, paths, and feats when you venture into the dreamscape and see what new flora and fauna await you.

Nevermore is an ever-changing world where reason fades into myth and imagination. Featured in Green Ronin's True 20 Worlds of Adventure, it offers a plethora of possible and even improbable adventures for those who traverse its strange domains. Nevermore amplifies and accentuates, twists and skews; it is a place where nothing remains the same for long and all who walk its lands, fey or mortal alike, are changed forever. For a free peek into Nevermore, pick up the Nevermore Gazetteer. If you enjoy this supplement, look for more titles in the Lands of Nevermore series, Liber Artefactorum and more to come!

Written by Joseph Miller