Lands of Nevermore: The Dreadlands

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The borders of this diabolic domain are watched with a wary eye and its infernal inhabitants are a constant threat to both mortals and fey. It is a land seeded with curses, watered with tears, and infused with wrath. Its bitter fruits are naught but a ruinous harvest of nightmares. In addition to information about the domain, also uncover the diaboli, a breed of nightmare that manifests in 7 forms, born of the Dreadlands and bane of all life in Nevermore.

Nevermore is an ever-changing world where reason fades into myth and imagination. Featured in Green Ronin's True 20 Worlds of Adventure, it offers a plethora of possible and even improbable adventures for those who traverse its strange domains. Nevermore amplifies and accentuates, twists and skews; it is a place where nothing remains the same for long and all who walk its lands, fey or mortal alike, are changed forever.

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Written by Joseph Miller