Land Ships, Set #2, Mini-Game #91

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The Sergeant called out for the men to take cover as the black gleaming Horror Gaunt machine topped the hill. "Pray to God it doesn't fire a black smoke canister," one of the men offered, only to turn pale as the Land Ship belched an oblong metal can into the air. A scream of terror came from the men in the trenches as the can filled with death fell to the earth.

This is Land Ships, a Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Land Ships takes war in the Victorian Age and stands it on its head. What if Jules Verne and H.G. Wells had gotten it just a little bit closer to home? What if the great powers had taken steam power and used it to craft great engines of war and destruction? This is Land Ships, a world where an alternate reality exists, one where science has allowed kings and empires to forge massive war machines, tank-like creations but on a massive scale.

Lead a grand army of steam-powered behemoths made of iron and brass across the battlefield, while all the time trying to defeat your foe's own massive monsters of metal and steam.

Fully expandable, each set for this system will allow you to play forces from different factions, adding new war machines, map boards, and exciting fun.

Written by Robert Hemminger