Kung Fu 2100 Pocket Box W23!

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    112 Counters, 16" x 21" rules sheet, 10" x 21" color map, CRT, record sheets, and this Pocket Box

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG1150P
    UPC / ISBN 080742098879
    Weight 0.7 lbs
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Iron Fists . . .

For years, the CloneMasters have ruled the world. Their only foes are the Terminators – trained from birth in the martial arts. Now you are a Terminator.  Your mission: smash your way into the CloneMaster's fortress . . . chop through his defenses . . . and destroy him forever.

But his guards are many and loyal. Like you, they can kill with a single blow. And time is against you . . .