Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters (Fear and Fire Supplement)

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Have you ever watched one of those shows? You know the ones… a group of uncommonly attractive, angst-ridden teenagers (all with unlikely "relationship problems"). They juggle going to College with fighting a town full of hellish monsters, while still managing to get their assignments done . . . and of course dealing with the "relationship problems" they will forget about two minutes after leaving Campus!

Then this supplement is for you!

Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters is a lighter take on the Horror genre. In this supplement, the good guys are on a much better footing. The forces of evil need to fear those among their prey who are willing to risk all to face them in the dark of the night . . . especially if they fight monsters with a sword in one hand and a pizza slice in the other!

Kooky Teenage Monster Hunters features new rules, abilities and weapons, including:

  • Vampires that burst into flames and crumble to dust!
  • An all new system of Awesome Magic . . . but beware unleashing your dark impulses!
  • New rules for comedy sidekicks . . . what better way to lure a monster out than with a hopeless victim?
  • Enjoy hurling a little over the table smack-talk? Why not get credit for it when your hero has a Smart Mouth!
  • Or perhaps you would like to inject a little romance with the new rule for love interests?
  • Get on your bike or jump on your skateboard and bring the pain to the monsters while on wheels.
  • Has there ever been a game where success might depend on whether you're wearing designer shoes or killer heels? Well now there is!

This supplement also contains:

  • Over 30 new Special Rules compatible with other Ganesha Games products
  • All new scenarios and battles, compatible with Fear & Faith
  • Over a dozen setting specific advances to keep your monster hunting campaign from getting too serious
  • Over 100 new profiles for monsters and monster hunters

Written by Andy Frazer