Kobolds of the Fallen Halls

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A Tribes supplement by Creighton Broadhurst for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

In the cloying dark of a dwarven hold long lost to fang and claw, two degenerate tribes of furtive kobolds fight a brutal war of deadly traps and sudden ambush. Driven relentlessly on by their draconic masters, only the utter annihilation of one tribe will end this decades-long rivalry. Kobolds of the Fallen Halls includes eight new feats, four new spells, two complete dragon hoards, twenty stat blocks (ranging in CR from 1/4 - 9), full details of Antharuthux (a male juvenile black dragon) and full details of Dereghwyr (a female juvenile green dragon).

Inspired by the Robert E. Howard's short story Red Nails.


"This offering in the Tribes line from Raging Swan Press creates its own dramatic tension from the beginning - an underground complex that is home to TWO separate bands of kobolds. Of course they are going to bicker, even if it wasn't for the two dragons egging them on! So here it is, a complete set-up - all you need is to draw or buy a good 'underground lair' map and there is an interesting sandbox adventure laid out ready to run, an adventure that ought to be remembered by survivors for a good few years to come!"

--Megan Robertson

Written by Creighton Broadhurst