Kobold Quarterly Magazine #20

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Kobold Quarterly issue #20 takes a look at archers, with an elven archer base class for Pathfinder RPG, a shadow fey hunting party on the prowl, and new arrows carrying acid, fog, and razor filaments.

KQ #20 also features Jeff Grubb on the lost elves of Midgard, a Q&A with designer Christina Stiles and a new Zobeck adventure - plus vile Derro ooze magic, planar allies, AGE System specialties, 4e D&D racial utility powers for gnomes, tieflings and minotaurs, and much more!

Here's the full 84 pages of RPG goodness:

  • The Elven Archer Class
  • Arrows of the Arbonesse
  • Derro Ooze Magic
  • Servants from Beyond
  • Putting the Band Back Together: Veteran PCs
  • AGE of Specialization
  • The Bardic Arts
  • Unearthed Ancestry
  • Night Terrors: 4 horrors
  • Captured in the Cartways adventure
  • Fey Hunters & Shadow Hounds
  • Small Spirits: Nature Spirits to Reckon With
  • Make Haste! How to Create Ticking Clock Adventures

Plus regular features by the industry's best designers:

  • The Power of the Game Master by Monte Cook
  • Ask the Kobold by Skip Williams
  • Q&A with Christina Stiles
  • The Ruins of Arbonesse by Jeff Grubb


Written by Christina Stiles / Monte Cook / Jeff Grubb / Wolfgang Baur / Skip Williams / John E. Ling Jr / Stefen Styrsky