Kobold Quarterly Magazine #16

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The super-sexy Winter 2011 issue is loaded with a high tide of Pathfinder RPG materials, plus the launch of the new Midgard campaign setting. The top-notch materials from the best Kobold Quarterly regulars include:

  • 12 official Paizo magic items for Golarion
  • Harem Assassins feats and spells for Pathfinder RPG
  • Potion Miscibility rules for 4th Edition D&D
  • the Ecology of the Gearforged for the Midgard setting
  • the armies of Zobeck
  • an interview with gaming legend Robin Laws
  • plus Pathfinder RPG clockwork adepts, wildly original magical items for 4th Edition D&D, Monte Cook's column, and much more.

This issue also features the return of Dungeon Adventures maestro Willie Walsh with a humorous mini-adventure, plus a sneak peek of the Northlands sourcebook with a beer run among the Thursir Giants. Two great mini-adventures, fully mapped and described for Pathfinder RPG in one issue!

Pick up your copy of this amazing issue today!

Written by Christina Stiles / Monte Cook / Willie Walsh / Wolfgang Baur / David Adams / Michael Kortes / Jonathan McAnulty / Mario Podeschi / Pierce Watters / Benjamin McFarland / Skip Williams / Stefen Styrsky / Henry Brooks / Jason Sonia / Russell Jones / Scott A. Murray / Raymond G. Falgui