Kobold Quarterly Magazine #14

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Most people think of kobolds as small, but when the Summer Gen Con issue rolls around, we're huge! HUGE!

This year's issue is no exception, with 96 pages packed full of:

  • Exclusive Pathfinder content, including two articles by Paizo staff
  • The Ecology of the Tengu-in Golarion and in Zobeck
  • An interview with 4th Edition lead designer Rob Heinsoo
  • 4 Treasure Trove articles, with phat loots to improve your game and bring smiles to players everywhere
  • Paladins, secret languages and aasimar PCs
  • Secrets of Game Design by RPG legend Monte Cook
  • So much more that it makes us dizzy to even think about it!

Whether you're going to this year's Gen Con or just want to get your hands on a ton of great material for your favorite fantasy RPG, Kobold Quarterly #14 is a must-have. Get your copy today!

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