Kobold Quarterly Magazine #09

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Kobold Quarterly Magazine #9

The latest issue of Kobold Quarterly carries a cargo of great material for D&D, as well as the last interview with the late Dave Arneson.

  • Monte Cook joins the KQ contributing authors with a new column, Game Theories
  • We take a look at the classic bat-demon, Camazotz
  • Our first dual-stat article offers up the Maedar as a PC race
  • A reader request for Kitsune is fulfilled
  • The Kobold Ecologies series gets its own book

Want to learn more about Kobold Quarterly 9? Listen to Atomic Array 021.

Written by Andrew Hind / Matthew J. Hanson / Monte Cook / John E. Ling / Adam Daigle / Michael Kortes / Richard Pett / Scott Gable / Joshua Stevens / Stefen Styrsky