Kobold Quarterly Magazine #07

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Kobold Quarterly Magazine #7

  • Monster Mayhem! Kobold Ftagn, la la!
  • Monsters of Osirion by Phillip Larwood
  • Horrors of Steam & Iron by Richard Pett
  • The Marching Giant Interview with Sandy Petersen
  • Ecology of the Centaur by Wolfgang Baur
  • Black Art of Undead Creation by Ross Byers
  • Powder Burn: Spells of the Gun by John Flemming
  • The Hard-Knock Life by John Baichtal
  • Tools of the Trade: Thieves Gear by Matthew Cicci
  • The Garnet Codex by Stan!
  • The Plague Paradigm by Derek Kagemann
  • Dwarven Airships by Ben McFarland
  • Courtesans of Zobeck by Wolfgang Baur
  • Want to learn more about Kobold Quarterly 7? Listen to Atomic Array 009.

    Written by Phillip Larwood / John W. Baichtal / Wolfgang Baur / John Flemming / Richard Pett / Ross Byers / Matthew Cicci / Derek Kagemann