Kobold Quarterly Magazine #05

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Kobold Quarterly Magazine #5

The Happy Anniversary issue, as Kobold Quarterly turns one year old!

  • Jezebal, Princess of Poison Winters by James Jacobs
  • Ecology of the Homunculus by Joshua Stevens
  • It Came from Monster Isle! by Matthew J. Hanson
  • Interview with 4th Edition D&D Designers: Collins, Heinsoo, Wyatt
  • Make Your Action Points Awesome by Roger Carbol
  • Ask the Kobold: Q&A by Skip Williams
  • Improving Your Improvisation by Nicolas Logue
  • Unique Altars by Phillip Larwood
  • Maximize Your Monk by Ross Byers
  • Horn of Triumph: Magical Instruments by Stefan Styrsky
  • V is for Vermin by Aeryn Rudel
  • The Kobold Ghetto by Wolfgang Baur

Written by James Jacobs / Matthew J. Hanson / Phillip Larwood / Aeryn Rudel / Wolfgang Baur / Skip Williams / Joshua Stevens / Roger Carbol / Ross Byers / Stefen Styrsky