Kobold Quarterly Magazine #04

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Kobold Quarterly Magazine #4

Fire & Sword
Kobold Quarterly just keeps getting better, and this issue features an exclusive interview with the 4th Edition artist, William O'Connor, plus an Ecology of the Cloaker!

  • Gangs of Zobeck by Wolfgang Baur and Joshua Stevens
  • Adriel, Angel of Hope by Tim and Eileen Connors
  • Ecology of the Cloaker by Paul Leach
  • Redefining Heroes Interview with William O'Connor
  • Dragons Without Belly Buttons by Derek Kagemann
  • The Cluracan: Bottom's Up! by Scott Gable
  • The Mithral Dragon by Mike McArtor
  • Ask the Kobold: Q&A by Skip Williams
  • Letter from Arabia by Jaye Sonia
  • Better Gnomes and Gardens by David Schwartz
  • Might and Mastery: Fighter Feats by Phillip Larwood
  • Secret Adventure Naming Tables by Jeff Grubb

Written by Phillip Larwood / Jeff Grubb / David Schwartz / Wolfgang Baur / Tim Connors / Eileen Connors / Skip Williams / Scott Gable / Joshua Stevens / Paul Leach / Derek Kaufmann / Mike McArtor / Jaye Sonia