Kobold Quarterly Magazine #03

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Kobold Quarterly Magazine #3

Everyone's Favorite Kobold Just Got 50% Bigger!

Richard Pett brings you the Ecology of the Lich, Wolfgang Baur reveals the private magic of Zobeck, and Ari Marmell details the Lord of Locusts. Eberron setting creator Keith Baker helps you bring more noir to your campaign, and Ed Greenwood talks frankly about the Forgotten Realms, his novels, and more.

Back it all up with cartoons from Stan!, bits and pieces from Skip Williams, Stephen S. Greer, and others, and you'll see why Kobold Quarterly Magazine #3 had to be a full 20 pages longer than KQ #2 - growing fast! - and why Dragon Magazine publisher Erik Mona called Kobold Quarterly "the spiritual successor to Dragon Magazine."

  • Ecology of the Lich by Richard Pett
  • Star & Shadow Magic by Wolfgang Baur
  • Arbeyach, Prince of Swarms by Ari Marmell
  • Hardboiled Adventure by Keith Baker
  • Edtime Stories: Interview with Ed Greenwood
  • Optimizing Power Attack by Jonathan Drain
  • More than Dragon's Blood by John E. Ling, Jr.
  • Ask the Kobold: Q&A by Skip Williams
  • Up the Action! Cinematic Combat by Benjamin Hayward
  • Dangerous Doors by Steve Greer
  • The Flying Traders of Sikkim by Wolfgang Baur

Written by Ari Marmell / Keith Baker / Ed Greenwood / Wolfgang Baur / Richard Pett / Skip Williams / Jonathan Drain / John E. Ling Jr / Benjamin Hayward / Steve Greer