Hobgoblins of the Mailed Fist

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A Tribes supplement by Creighton Broadhurst for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Equally renowned for their battle skills and mercenary hearts, the warriors of the Mailed Fist fight for anyone with the coin to pay them. Heavily armoured, disciplined and well trained those that stand below the Mailed Fist's banner are formidable fighters capable of great slaughter. High above, their winged cavalry - elite warriors and battlecasters astride gigantic black bats - hurl missiles and spells down upon their hapless foes. Hobgoblins of the Mailed Fist includes seven new feats, four new spells, three new magic items, fourteen stat blocks (raning in CR from 2 - 11) and full details of the tribe's race of ancient allies, the black wings of Asgiroth.


"This is a delightful little package, jam-packed with evocative details that will make the tribe come to life within your game world, and plenty of ideas spawn just as you read through for ways in which you might use them."

-Megan Robertson

"Formatting and editing is, once again, top-notch. I didn't find any glitches or typos. Layout is concise and printer-friendly and writing, once again, is extremely concise and information is densely packed. The old-school b/w-artwork is beautiful, as is usually the case with Raging Swan products."


Written by Creighton Broadhurst