High Psionics: Phrenic Diseases and Mental Maladies

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In an effort to provide an easy way to introduce and implement a high-psionics campaign, Dreamscarred Press is proud to announce the first in a new High Psionics series of supplements: Phrenic Diseases and Mental Maladies, a supplement aimed at diseases, afflictions, and maladies of a psionic nature.

High Psionics: Phrenic Diseases and Mental Maladies

In a world where psions walk the streets and psychic warriors are the greatest of fighters, danger lurks where no one expects it. In a world where everyone is touched by phrenic powers, so too are the diseases and maladies.

Included in this 9 page supplement you will find 11 new diseases and maladies, including how they are acquired, symptoms, mechanical effects, and cures. In addition, several afflictions include an example adventure hook on how to introduce the affliction into your own game.

Also included in this release are rules on how to easily convert the mechanical effects to slot-based spellcasters!

Contained within the downloaded file are two copies of High Psionics: Phrenic Diseases and Mental Maladies: a full-color version and a printer-friendly version. Both are fully bookmarked and ready for use!

Explore the afflictions that manifesters dread in this new supplement from Dreamscarred Press.

Written by Jeremy Smith