H.G. Wells' Gaming Books Bundle

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Widely regarded as the "Father of Modern Wargaming," legendary science fiction author H.G. Wells wrote two groundbreaking texts related to the genre.

Little Wars was originally written in 1913 and will appeal to science fiction fans, history buffs, students of politics and international affairs, wargamers, RPGers, and anyone else interested in the works of the great writer.

Floor Games, often referred to as a companion volume to Little Wars but actually written two years ahead of it, is Wells' first volume devoted to recreational gaming and includes a lighthearted, often humorous discussion on the theory and methodology behind a wide variety of "floor" and tabletop games.

Little Orc Wars is a miniatures game based on the rules and concepts presented by Wells in his two books on gaming. It is a flexible, innovative, and fast-paced miniatures rule system that can be played with virtually any miniatures, setting it apart from the vast majority of fantasy miniatures games, which demand that only their branded products be used in play.

This bundle contains all three of these books.

Written by Michael J. Varhola / H.G. Wells / James F. Dunnigan / Gary Gygax