GURPS Traveller Mystery Archive Bundle

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    Each bundle includes multiple books from our archives. Randomly inserted.

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG4912
    Weight 5.8 lbs

A long time ago, we made it a rule to archive 12 copies of each GURPS Traveller book. We have changed our archiving method and are now keeping only eight copies. This means that we have an abundance of GURPS Traveller books that are now available for you to own! We haven't distributed GURPS Traveller books in a couple of years, which means you get the chance to own a piece of history and at the same time experience new challenges in the Third Imperium. We have over 30 high-quality supplements for the GURPS Traveller line, so we’ve bundled random GURPS Traveller books with a combined original MSRP of more than $80. Act quickly – these mystery bundles will be available, while supplies last, for only $40!

Do keep in mind that these are archive copies. Therefore, their condition ranges from fair to mint, and all should be treated as warehouse finds.