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GURPS Character Sheets (Summer of Horror Edition)

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  • Contents
    12 GURPS character sheets, 4 grimore forms, 4 GM control sheets

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG6420
    UPC / ISBN 1556345380
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This pack contains 20 blank forms: 12 copies of the two-sided GURPS character sheet, four sheets with grimoire forms on both sides, and four sheets with GM control sheets on both sides.

Use them for any character type in any genre . . . you can do anything with GURPS!

Extra Summer of Horror bonus: a set of Cardboard Heroes miniatures. A horde of skeletons and mummies . . . including two undead giants! Use them in your fantasy game . . . your horror game . . . or drop them into some other genre and terrify your players!