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GURPS Blood Types

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Dark Predators and Deadly Prey: Vampires and Vampire Hunters

Immortal and nearly invulnerable, their mystic powers and supernatural servants protect them from danger. They thrive in the darkest hours of night and haunt the dreams of every culture and every age of man. Some merely crave your blood; others drain the essence of life from your soul, leaving you an empty, bitter husk.

And they always thirst for more . . .

GURPS Blood Types is your guidebook to the dark world of the vampire myth, from the traditional Gothic aristocrat to the bizarre African adze to the enigmatic Albanian vyrolakos. This book explores dozens of vampiric types and includes an exhaustive vampiric bestiary. For any vampire or vampire-hunting campaign, from the dawn of civilization to the dark future, here you'll find a nightmare to suit your needs.

Written by Lane Grate.

First Edition, First Printing
Published 1995