GODSEND Agenda 1st Edition

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Before you buy GODSEND Agenda D6, experience the 1st edition of the game for the special low price. Play the game in its original incarnation.

By Jerry D. Grayson, Brian Vinson, Kimara Bernard, and Matt Drake
Cover Art by Jerry D. Grayson
220 pages black and white

In a world much like our own, gods walk among us. Some are known government agents, some are costumed vigilantes, and others were considered gods in bygone days. They fight for and against many different factions, but all have one goal: to stop the coming apocalypse foretold of many centuries ago.

The core book contains rules for character creation, combat, gadget and artifact creation, game mastering, and a complete comic and timeline and background information for the world of GODSEND Agenda. Everything needed to play the game is included in the core book.

Written by Matt Drake / Brian Vinson / Jerry D. Grayson / Kimara Bernard