GM's Miscellany: Dungeon Dressing

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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM's Resource by Ben Armitage, Alexander Augunas, Aaron Bailey, John Bennett, Creighton Broadhurst, Jeff Erwin, James Graham, Brian Gregory, Eric Hindley, Ben Kent, Thomas King, Greg Marks, Andrew J. Martin, Jacob W. Michaels, Julian Neale, Chad Perrin, David Posener, Brian Ratcliff, Pierre van Rooden, Liz Smith, Josh Vogt and Mike Welham

Tired of dungeons lacking in verisimilitude? Want to add cool little features of interest to your creations but don't have the time to come up with nonessential details? Want to make your dungeons feel more realistic?

Then GM's Miscellany: Dungeon Dressing is for you! This gigantic compilations comprises all 34 instalments in the line as well as scores of riddles, new material and design essays by Creighton.

GM's Miscellany: Dungeon Dressing presents loads of great features to add to your dungeon. Designed to be used both during preparation or actual play, GM's Miscellany: Dungeon Dressing is an invaluable addition to any GM's armoury!

GM's Miscellany: Dungeon Dressing presents the material originally appearing in:

New Material: Three new fiendish traps as well as material focusing on concealed doors, strange growths, illumination, graffiti and loads of miscellaneous dungeon features; also includes nine dungeon design essays by Creighton.

All That Glimmer: Also includes as a free special bonus are treasures hoards 1-20 from All That Glimmers -- after all, what's a dungeon without treasure!

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Written by Ben Armitage / Alexander Augunas / Aaron Bailey / John Bennett / Creighton Broadhurst / Jeff Erwin / James Graham / Brian Gregory / Eric Hindley / Ben Kent / Thomas King / Greg Marks / Andrew J. Martin / Jacob W. Michaels / Julian Neale / Chad Perrin / David Posener / Brian Ratcliff / Pierre van Rooden / Liz Smith / Josh Vogt / Mike Welham