Fudge Treats: Shoujo Manga

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Enter the worlds of Shoujo Manga with this newest release in ComStarâ's Fudge Treats lineâ Fudge Treats: Shoujo Manga. Included are all the things you need to bring shoujo anime to life in your game. Future support for this game will include: Anime Minis (miniatures for your anime games), and Fudge Treats designed for each sub-genre of shoujo anime.

Subjects covered in this game include:

  • A discussion of shoujo anime (with a bibliography of some of the best resources on the subject)
  • A wide variety of Skills, Gifts and Quirks to create the exact character you want
  • Optional Rules for training characters
  • Complete, ready to play rules for the Fudge Game System
  • Many sample characters to populate your campaign, and more!

Written by William Andersen