Fudge Horror Vampire

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Fudge Horror: Vampire

The dark, penetrating stare that has the ability to entrance. Oozing danger, but also the promise of some sweet release. A child of night, a drinker of blood. The vampire. There is no other creature to match it in popular culture and Fudge Horror: Vampires taps into the dark and enchanting world of the vampire with this stand-alone game that gives players a choice between playing vampire hunters, or the vampires themselves.

In this book you will find:

  • Adapted Fudge rules for playing vampires and their hunters.
  • Customizable vampire elements to create your own vampire lore.
  • Vampire types - giving you access to several different archtypes of vampires in popular culture.
  • Human types - archtypes of humans most commonly found in a world with vampires.
  • New skills, gifts, and faults to customize your character.
  • New secondary attributes to add a new depth to your characters.
  • Sample characters.
  • A full action adventure for Fudge Horror: Vampires.

Using the popular Fudge rules, this book provides rules for playing many types of vampires, playing their hunters, for making unique vampires, and for populating your world with interesting character types. Researched and written by a fan of the horror genre and the vampire, this book will give you all of the classic vampire goodness that you love, with some ability to create your own unique vampire lore!

Written by Jennifer Lee