Federation Commander: Tholian Ship Card Pack #2

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    Publisher Amarillo Design Bureau
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Federation Commander players, you wanted to have more ships for the Tholian Holdfast and now you have them! While the Tholian Police Destroyer was released in our online newsletter Hailing Frequencies in January 2020, the other 13 ships are new to the game and only available here.

Fourteen Federation Commander ship cards for the Tholian Holdfast, including:

  • Police War Destroyer
  • Police Improved War Destroyer
  • Police Commando War Destroyer
  • Police War Destroyer Carrier
  • Police War Destroyer Escort
  • Police War Destroyer Scout
  • Police Photon War Destroyer
  • Police Destroyer
  • Police Improved Destroyer
  • Police Commando Destroyer
  • Police Destroyer Carrier
  • Police Destroyer Escort
  • Police Destroyer Scout
  • Police Photon Destroyer

The pack also includes the background for these new ships and the graphics for the counters. Each ship is presented in high resolution in both fleet scale and squadron scale.

This ship card pack requires Federation Commander Reference Rulebook in order to fully use these ship cards.

The pack is only available as an e-pack.