Familiars RPG

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Take a Walk On the Wild Side

In a world where magic is a crime punishable with death, magic-users entrust their pets with their secrets -- and their own lives. Play a cat who walks through walls, a toad who can turn invisible, a raven who can call rain . . . Familiars is a simple, fast roleplaying game that lets you play a magical animal working for a powerful wizard.

Choose from: 14 playable character types (cats, bats, dogs, magpies, ravens, doves, mice, shrews, lizards, homunculi, owls, rabbits, snakes and toads);

Select from: 40 magic powers;

This book also contains a beginning adventure that can be used as the springboard of your first Familiars campaign. Familiars is simple RPG suitable for getting your children or your significant ones into the hobby.

Written by Andrea Sfiligoi