Even More Blasphemous Secrets and More Forbidden Lore

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Yes, that's right. It's yet another collection of 99 new OGL spells from the good folks at Plain Brown Wrapper Games. Use them in whatever foul, depraved way you like best.

We have esoteric arcana, lost rites, creepy private rituals and invocations by the bucketful. And all for less than six bucks! That's your best value on the dollar for unsavory occult weirdness. Buy the whole series and you can slurp down blasphemous secrets and forbidden lore until you burst.

How can I afford to give you so much high quality product for such an incredibly low price? It's easy! I've got a day job, I think... (Can anyone tell me, does kidnapping boy-bands on the high seas and trading them to corrupt officials for tainted rum and Pokemon cards count as a job? And if not, how do I deduct all those N'Synch albums on my taxes?)

99 forgotten spells, a thousand and one uses. Just add some blasphemous secrets and forbidden lore, and any dull evening becomes a night to remember! So step right up and help yourself. What could you possibly have to lose?

Written by James Thomson