Eldritch Monsters

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The GM has no choice; he must entertain his players, and there's no better way to do this than to threaten the lives of their beloved characters. Luckily, the Eldritch Role Playing (ERP) system makes it easy to create or adapt any monstrous concept!

This supplement contains rules enhancements and clarifications to improve your game, plus showcases sixteen emblematic creatures, from the lowly goblin to the mighty dragon or demon lord.  With all-new art from Eric Bergeron, you'll find creatures described with simple ERP battle statistics, in context of the "City of Phantos." a fantastic place set in the epic fantasy world of Ainerêve. GMs will find it easy to adapt these archetypical creatures to their own settings and scenarios! There's no time like the present to thwart your players' stalwart adventuring party . . .

Written by Dan Cross