Earth Unleashed (OSRIC)

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A woman who's wearing hide armor and carries a long staff, stands in the center of the square. She has long brown hair, bright blue eyes, and the tan of someone who spends most of her time outside. She speaks with a loud voice: "Earth and rocks rained down on Wodfeld! The earth trembled! Mother Nature gave us a sign; a warning! She wants us to leave, leave the forest so she can heal it! Twice her warnings came. Who knows what happens the next time? Will Mother Nature warn us again or will Wodfeld be destroyed by her boundless power? Do not wait to find out! Leave while you still can!"

Earth Unleashed is an OSRIC adventure intended for a party of four or five 7th-level adventurers. The adventure can easily be adjusted to suit weaker or stronger parties. Best if the party has at least a ranger or a druid.

The module includes beautiful artwork by Daniele Bigliardo, and many maps depicting various locations.You can expand this adventure with 0one's Blueprints: The Hamlet of Wodfeld, which contains detailed floorplans of the various buildings.

Written by Jan Willem Van den Brink