EABA Interregnum

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There was a world much like ours, where brave men and women worked in the shadows, fighting against an enemy the rest of world either did not see or did not believe in. Over the generations their best and brightest fought and died to protect Earth and give humanity a safe and prosperous future.

This is not that world.

In Interregnum, they lost and the bad guys won. Human civilization is headed downhill fast, and the evil previous generations fought holds all the cards. You are the Last Resistance. While you are neither the best nor brightest, you are all that is left.

Interregnum is the setting between settings. This is not the glorious golden age of the past, nor the gritty post-apocalypse where survivors work to rebuild civilization long after that glorious past ended. Interregnum is the setting in between these two, where everything has gone wrong and is only getting worse, where the heroes in their most honest private moments wonder not if victory is possible, but what their eventual defeat is going to look like.

Interregnum is a sort-of sequel to CORPS, existing in the future of that setting and uses EABA v2 stats, but it is also a standalone and designed to be system-agnostic. Any rpg which handles modern combat and near-future SF can run an Interregnum campaign.

It is a take-no-prisoners, fudge-no-rolls, fight-to-the-bitter-end, multi-year campaign that revolves around each player having multiple adventurers in different worldwide Resistance groups, with most of the page count devoted to adventures and setting notes. It can be emotionally hard to play and might not be your cup of tea. Read the sample chapter and decide for yourself.