EABA 1957 (for Agency)

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In the Agency world of 2018, one of the lingering enigmas is 1957. Something very strange happened in 1957. Or more precisely, something happened to 1957. The accounts of Scenery, already garbled by their misinterpretation of Agency, are more chaotic than normal. But even the more accurate histories of Agent groups have inconsistencies that cannot be reconciled. And the Agents alive today who were Awake in 1957 are no help. They are unwilling or unable to talk about it, or their own memories are as messed up as the records.

Something happened, but no one in 2018 will ever be sure what it was.

1957 puts players there. Not via time travel or anything weird like that. They have the chance to be Agents who were Awake and active in 1957, starting at January 1 and going through that unique year. And it might not seem like all that long ago, but for anyone from the early 21st century or late 20th, 1957 might as well be an alien planet. Everything players know about the world and the way things work is fundamentally different, and players and their Agents have to work within these constraints. Race, gender, religion, politics, travel, research, and even how you buy and sell things. I mean, when was the last time you paid for something with a money order and had it take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive? Or had to dial an operator to make a phone call? Or had to wait for a book to arrive via inter-library loan? Or used a computer whose memory could be measured as megabytes per ton? Or considered a 24" television screen to be the pinnacle of luxury?

1957 is a mystery, a setting and a history lesson. The Cold War is still hot, Martin Luther King has not yet renounced violence, the first H-bombs are being tested. Agents and Agency are aligned on an East-West axis. The recent death of Agent Stalin has thrown the USSR into turmoil and no one knows if those fallout shelters all over the place are going to be needed.

And then there is the 1957 mystery to unravel. If you can.

1957 is an 84-page sub-genre book for Agency. You will need Agency to use 1957 properly. It is formatted in the same retro fashion as Agency and has all the same features.

Written by Greg Porter