Dungeon of Terror: Virtual Boxed Set

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Dungeon of Terror - Virtual Boxed Set is a deluxe edition of the Dungeon of Terror.

Dungeon of Terror contains 164 rooms, 8 different zones (each one featured in a single product included in this box) and it's broken in 225 customizable tiles.

You can play Dungeon of Terror as a whole dungeon or extract your favorite sub-dungeon (or even a single room or encounter area) to suit your campaign. If you're bold, you can lay down a massive 120x150 inches dungeon to play the most extended miniature-scaled dungeon crawl of the history!

This Virtual Boxed Set features:

  • Eight original products forming the Dungeon of  Terror: Orcs' Nest, Assassins' Brotherhood, Mad Mage Chambers (east), The Maze, Mad Mage Chambers (west),  Lord of the Undead, Mad Mage Chambers (south), Scrags' caverns
  • A Referee Map featuring the whole dungeon. You get a 17"x 22 inches poster map and the same map divided into four 8,5x11 inches sheets. The Referee Map is also customizable.
  • Random Encounter Tables: 16 encounter tables for use with any RPG system.
  • A set of 164 room templates (one for each room of the dungeon), each one featuring a small image of the room and a space for writing your own dungeon room.

Please Note: this is an electronic product - no actual box is provided with this product.

Written by Mario Barbati