Dungeon Crawl Classics #57: Wyvern Mountain

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A Level 4 Adventure.

High atop the Ul Dominor Mountains stands the lonely peak known as Wyvern Mountain. Once the lair of the dread white dragon Skelya and her army of wyvern servants, the high mountain citadel was synonymous with wickedness and wanton destruction.

Now the ancient fastness has become a haven for evil once again. A tribe of brazen goblins have claimed the fastness for their own, unwittingly unlocking the draconic menace concealed beneath Wyvern Mountain.

Will the dread Skelya rise to terrorize the North? Or will the heroes put to rest a secret that has lurked beneath the mountain since time immemorial? Only the most valiant of heroes dare venture into the Wyvern Mountain.

This world-neutral adventure can be used alone or to launch a campaign in the epic fantasy world of Áereth.

Written by Michael Ferguson