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Dragon Lords

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The Earth dragon roared its challenge and charged the approaching army of armored men and knights. Many of Lord Fallen's men fled when they became aware that the stony dragon was no small hatchling, but rather one of the ancient dragons of the stone and rock. As Fallen's lines broke about him, his trusted elven hero step forth and sent one volley of arrows after another into the great beast's scale-covered hide. As all seemed lost, Fallen heard another dragon's roar and watched as Lady Hunina's Air dragon swooped in from the clouds above. The two great beasts slammed into each other and rolled about the ground, crushing men and horses that had yet to flee. The day was won, it seemed, by the timely arrival of his ally's dragon, but Lord Fallen knew the war had still to be won. For only when he stood upon the walls of his enemy's castle, only then would he be able to call himself the one and only Dragon Lord.

This is Dragon Lords, an exciting and very different type of board game. Gather together with friends to build a fantasy landscape to both explore and wage war upon, all the time trying to gather to you a mighty army of conquest. No warlord can hope to win unless they first raise and train a host of mighty dragons to soar across the skies, doing battle for their overlord and master. Dragons are the key to victory, for a mighty army - one that has taken you several turns to build - can be crushed by one encounter with one of your foe's great dragons.

Dragon Lords uses a unique card-based system to create the playing area, and so each game is both different from the next, and a challenge, for players will need to lay down a path that will gain them access to the many special locations that will then allow them to draw more dragons.

Heroes, magic, and many options for customizing your dragons await you, as does the challenge of defeating your opponents in battle after battle until only one survives to be declared the Dragon Lord.

Written by Robert Hemminger