Divine Favor: the Paladin

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Designed by Stefen Styrsky and developed by Sigfried Trent and Wolfgang Baur, Divine Favor: the Paladin gives an in-depth exploration of the paladin class and useful advice on making the most of it.

The first in the Divine Favor series covering cleric, druid, paladin, inquisitor and oracle, this 20-page volume includes:

  • Alternate class abilities
  • Paladin archetypes such as Heavenly Beacon, Holy Sword, Questing Knight and Templar
  • Codes of Conduct and associated spells
  • Historical inspirations
  • How to deliver a truly earth-shaking smite!

Pick up Divine Favor: the Paladin and start smiting! And check out the other books in the Divine Favor series.

Written by Stefen Styrsky