Defiance: Vital Ground

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Rare is the era in which so much power has amassed in the hands of so few . . .

This Is The Chronicle Of Such An Era

Defiance: Vital Ground is a squad-level game of modern and science-fiction battles for use with 15mm or 25mm miniatures. Within this volume, you will find:

  • Fast-paced rules for fluid, tactical combat. With each attack resolved by just a few die rolls, players will find that how they use their troops is as important as which troops they choose to field.
  • The complete Army Customizer force-building tool. A varied, consistent, comprehensive and balanced construction system, the Customizer allows for step-by-step creation of just about any modern or science-fiction army that players can imagine.
  • Four complete army lists, pitched against the backdrop of an engaging and original star-spanning background with strategic and political depth. Each list was constructed using the Army Customizer - no cutting corners or fudging point values.
  • Professional artwork, fiction and graphic design to stimulate the imagination, all in one complete and ready-to-play package.
Defiance: The Chronicle Of An Era

Written by Demian Rose