Dark Masters

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"The perils are great, the potential dangers unmistakable, and yet the allure is all too real. Devil worship, in fact and fiction, has been a part of our world since before any of the current practiced religions were even formed. From appeasing a vengeful nature demon with sacrifices to cloistered cultists summoning devils amid a pentagram, there have always been those who were willing to gamble with their souls by making pacts with the denizens of the infernal realms.

"And yet, all too often in RPGs, this aspect - worshipping demons and devils as legitimate, if decidedly evil deities - is overlooked. While one would hope they never surpass the good gods, they do in fact represent an alternative pantheon if you will."

Dark Masters, penned by the ENnie-nominated author Andrew Hind (who wrote Dark Ladies for 01), presents a collection of lords of darkness: entities who are worshipped by someone and fought by others. The book is filled with gorgeous artwork by Daniele Bigliardo and wonderful cartography by 01. If you want to add devil worship to your campaign, this is the book for you. Dark Masters contains five ready-to-play adventures in devilish temples to plug into your games.

This 54-page volume contains:

  • 10 Detailed Dark Masters
  • 9 New Monsters
  • 9 New War Domain Spells
  • 5 Temples Detailed and Mapped
  • 2 Creature Templates
  • 2 New Domains
  • 1 New Feat
  • 1 New Prestige Class

Written by Andrew Hind