D6 Powers

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Powers is a D6-compatible sourcebook that allows players to create superhero characters! Learn more about new and revised superpowers, expanded special abilities, gadget creation, advantages, and disadvantages for use in any D6 game. Discover a wealth of information on powers (new and updated) - so many details that it took a whole book to contain them all.

Powers contains rules on:

  • Rules for superhero play with point built characters and a modular powers system that lets you build exactly the character that you want to play.
  • Revised and expanded powers for use with GODSEND Agenda and generic "four-color" superhero games.
  • Scalable rules for over 100 superpowers. Expanded Gadget creation rules.
  • Expanded superheroic combat maneuvers.
  • New advantages and disadvantages.
  • 13 new templates for use in any D6 game.

Written by Jerry D. Grayson / Erik Durkin