Cthulhu Live's Mysteries of the Mythos: Murder at Miskatonic

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Miskatonic University, that ivy league institution of higher learning that has produced many a fine young adult ready to shape the world the way they see fit. With diverse courses such as Peruvian Basket Weaving, Modern Occult Legends, and Ancient Languages, Miskatonic has a class for any student. And with the award-winning sports team, the Fighting Cephalopods, even the athletic scholar can find his path to a brighter future among these hallowed halls.

There is, however, a class not in the curriculum that one person on campus is about to earn a masters in. That class is Murder 101. This class has only one test, but the final is a real killer.

Who will pass this course? Will it be the jock? What about the bookworm? And let us not forget about the professional rival! Only time and your sleuthing skills will uncover who the culprit is in Murder at Miskatonic. So get ready to uncover secrets and things that man was not meant to know as you ferret out the murderer. Fail and they go free, succeed and be the savior of the campus. The choice is yours!

Cthulhu Live's Mysteries of the Mythos: Murder at Miskatonic is a self-contained sleuthing game. It is based on the popular Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition live-action role-playing game but does not contain any complex rules or game mechanics and is instead based almost entirely on player interaction. It is very easy to run and will usually take about two hours to complete.

And if you would like to try running or playing scenarios like this with rules for things like combat, skill resolution, sanity checks, and monsters, be sure to check out the Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition live-action horror role-playing game!

This download includes high-resolution versions of the basic murder mystery scenario (16 pages), bonus material designed to allow inclusion of an extra player (10 pages), and the booklet's covers.

Written by Greg Agostini