Critter Encounters: Bugged Out

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Blackdirge Publishing and Goodman Games bring you Critter Encounters, a line of short encounter scenarios for the Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons game. Each Critter Encounter can be played in a single gaming session, and can be easily slotted into nearly any fantasy campaign. Critter Encounters is the companion line to Critter Cache, published by Blackdirge Publishing and Goodman Games, and features monsters from that line.

Critter Encounters: Bugged Out is a short scenario for the Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons game that revolves around mysterious disappearances in the small town of Kettledowns. Townsfolk are disappearing in the night, spirited away by some force that burrows up beneath homes and businesses, leaving an empty, ransacked shambles in its wake. It will take a canny and brave group of heroes to tackle this ominous threat, and bring peace and prosperity back to Kettledowns.

Critter Encounters: Bugged Out features the following:

  • A ready-to play 4E scenario for characters of 6th to 8th level
  • Dynamic encounter areas, with full color maps by SkeletonKey Games' Ed Bourelle.
  • Complete stat blocks for all monsters, traps, and hazards.
  • Advice on how to tailor the scenario to parties of various levels.
  • Full-size monster counters for all monsters in the scenario.
  • Fabulous illustrations by Jesse Mohn.

Written by Aeryn Rudel