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Critter Cache: Fey Folk

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Goodman Games and Blackdirge Publishing lure you to the wilds of the Fey Realm with Critter Cache: Fey Folk. Here you'll find 25 new fey to challenge PCs of nearly any level, including a few old favorites updated for Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. From the harmless pranks of the mischievous boggart to the deadly, crushing power of the spriggan titan guard, Critter Cache: Fey Folk is an invaluable resource for DMs looking to populate the wild places of their campaign worlds with interesting and challenging fey.

So let Goodman and Blackdirge take you for a walk on the wild side with Critter Cache: Fey Folk.

Critter Cache: Fey Folk features 25 pages of new 4E material, and includes the following monster entries:

  • Faerie Beasts: Cait Sidhe, Cu Sidhe, Pooka
  • Gremlin: Boggart, Knocker, Reaper Gremlin
  • Nymph: Alseid, Avernead, Maenad, Naiad, Oread, The Enamored
  • Red Cap: Red Cap Belly Ripper, Red Cap Blood Magus, Red Cap Crimson Reaper, Red Cap Warrior
  • Sasquatch: Sasquatch, Sasquatch Forest Lord, Yeti
  • Sidhe: Beanne Sidhe, Bolg Sidhe, Leanan Sidhe, Tua Sidhe
  • Spriggan: Spriggan Warrior, Spriggan Titan Guard

Written by Aeryn Rudel