Critter Cache: Daemons

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Looking for some middle ground in your fiendish baddies? Are demons too chaotic and devils too organized for your taste? Then let Goodman Games and Blackdirge Publishing introduce you to the mercenary inhabitants of the Pit of Tartarus in Critter Cache: Daemons. Here you'll find daemonic challenges for all levels, from pathetic larval minions, all the way up to the dread progenitor of the entire daemonic race, Typon himself. In addition, Critter Cache: Daemons includes all you need to know about the Pit of Tartarus, the history of the daemons, and how to include both in your 4E campaign.

So let Blackdirge Publishing and Goodman Games bring a new breed of fiend to your campaign with Critter Cache: Daemons.

Critter Cache: Daemons features 35 pages of new 4E material, and includes the following monster entries:

  • Cacodaemon: Cacodaemon
  • Chirodaemon: Chirodaemon
  • Cruciodaemon: Cruciodaemon
  • Cryptodaemon: Cryptodaemon Assassin, Cryptodaemon Skulker
  • Ferrodaemon: Ferrodaemon Hoplite, Ferrodaemon Myrmidon, Ferrodaemon Peltast, Ferrodaemon Phalangite
  • Megalodaemon: Megalodaemon
  • Necrodaemon: Necrodaemon, Necrodaemon Soulstalker
  • Pathodaemon: Pathodaemon
  • Soul Larva: Common Larva, Howling Larva, Hydra Larva, Larval Behemoth
  • Spawn of Typhon: Euryale, Stheno
  • Terradaemon: Terradaemon
  • Typhon: Aspect of Typhon, Typhon
  • Tyrannodaemon: Tyrannodaemon

Written by Aeryn Rudel