Critter Cache: Animals & Beasts

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Need a bit more of the natural in your Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign? Looking for intriguing challenges, mounts, and allies for your PCs that are rooted in the good ol' real world? Then look no further. Critter Cache: Animals & Beasts presents 24 animals, beasts, and other real-world-inspired critters for your 4E game

So let Goodman Games and Blackdirge Publishing bring the lions, and tigers, and . . . mammoths back to your 4E campaign with Critter Cache: Animals & Beasts.

Critter Cache: Animals & Beasts features 24 pages of new 4E material, and includes the following monster entries:

  • Ape: Ape, Dire Ape, Tyrant Ape
  • Eagle: Golden Eagle, Great Harpy Eagle (Haast's Eagle), Dire Eagle
  • Elephant: Elephant, Mammoth, Olyphant
  • Giant Lizard: Giant Lizard, Tunnel Lizard, Deathjaw Lizard (Megalania)
  • Lion: Lion, Cave Lion
  • Rhinoceros: Rhinoceros, Wooly Rhinoceros, Thunderhorn (Brontotherium)
  • Tiger: Tiger, Saber-Tooth Tiger (Smilodon)
  • Weasel: Dire Weasel, Dire Badger, Giant Skunk
  • Wolverine: Wolverine, Dire Wolverine